Importance of ‘IP Networking’ Trend Highlights Massive Value Shift in Media Industry

Josh Stinehour | August 18, 2022

At this past NAB Show, the Devoncroft Executive Summit explored several value shifts occurring in the global media technology sector. A preliminary peek into the results of the 2022 (14th annual) Big Broadcast Survey (BBS) showcases one – especially massive – value shift.

Ubiquitous, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity is reshaping the technology-side of the media industry. Technology disruption has led the business impact, and the observed value shift is the consequence. And yes, massive is an appropriate designation of the scale.

A timely visual is provided by the below (preliminary) excerpt of the 2022 BBS Media Technology Global Trend Index. The trend index is an annual ranking of the media industry trends that are considered by BBS respondents the most commercially important to their businesses in any given year.



The above is marked ‘Preliminary’ as we are leaving the survey open through the end of next week and will publish a final version of the annual trend index along with more detailed analysis ahead of the Devoncroft Executive Summit | Amsterdam .

Any respondents interested in adding their perspectives to the final tally, can take the survey using the following link: 2022 Big Broadcast Survey. We also hope you will join us in Amsterdam on Thursday September 8th for a spirited discussion of the business implications of these industry developments.


There are two immediate takeaways from the above (preliminary) index: (1) the number one identified trend: ‘IP networking & content delivery’ and (2) the distance between the number one trend and the number two ranked trend – it is vast.

‘IP networking & content delivery’ is an instantiation of the broader trend of connectivity. The trend wording (unchanged since 2009) by design encompasses broader transport and delivery use cases as well as studio use cases. That wording is deliberate to allow for unaltered year-over-year comparisons going back to 2009 across ten languages and a diverse set of global technology end-users and media use cases.

With a lone exception, ‘Multi-platform content delivery’ has been the number ranked trend in the annual index since 2010. ‘IP networking & content delivery’ had been approaching a near-statistical tie in 2020 and again in 2021 with ‘Multi-platform content delivery.’ If the 2022 results hold as above, the overwhelming citation of ‘IP networking & content delivery’ is noteworthy.

Remember, the BBS is a survey of the technology-side of the global media industry. None of the fun stuff discussed in broader media circles is possible without this group of dedicated technology professionals. Like the mythical Atlas holding up the sky, the opinion of those professionals holding up the media industry is that the most commercially important trend to their organizations is ‘IP networking & content delivery.’


A more detailed analysis of the 2022 BBS Media Technology Global Trend Index and alluded value shift to follow.




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