Syndicated Market Research Products

Devoncroft works primarily in the media technology sector, where we are widely-recognized as thought leaders in market intelligence and strategic industry analysis.

We’ve worked in the media and broadcast sector for three decades, and we understand this industry inside-and-out. We’re fascinated by this industry and we embrace (and understand at a deep level) its international diversity, fragmentation, complexity, interoperability issues, and especially the commercial and business model challenges facing both buyers and suppliers of media technology product and services.

We started Devoncroft 10 years ago because we believed the media technology sector needs (and deserves) better data, better analysis, and more actionable insight from real industry thought leaders and experts.

Beginning with the annual Big Broadcast Survey — now in its 10th year, and still the largest and most comprehensive demand-side study of the global media technology industry – we’ve been delivering unique insights ever since. Today we publish a variety of syndicated market research reports, tracking studies, technology adoption indices, and widely-referenced industry analysis documents.


Big Broadcast Survey

The Definitive Voice of the Media Technology Buyer

The Big Broadcast Survey (BBS) is the largest and most comprehensive market study of the broadcast industry.

We’ve been conducting the BBS (in 10 languages) each year for the past decade, with regular participation from 6,000 – 10,000 media technology executives, including senior decision makers at the biggest players in the industry. The unrivaled richness of the BBS data set provides Devoncroft with unique insight into the factors that move markets, as well as the brands that are most likely to be successful over time.

BBS Reports deliver actionable insight into the opinions and attitudes of key technology buyers including broadcasters, playout centers, cable/satellite/IPTV operators, radio stations, recording studios and more. This includes industry trends; purchase intent and buying behavior; major project plans; broadcast plant and operational infrastructure; broadcast technology budgets; products being evaluated for purchase; and detailed opinions of vendor brands.


Unique Benefits of BBS Reports:


BBS Market, Brand, and Product Reports help readers better understand the commercial intent of buyers; as well as the drivers and attributes that influence and shape customer perception of major broadcast industry vendor brands. This valuable information can be used in a variety of ways to improve strategic decision making, customer engagement, marketing strategy, and sales execution.



All BBS Reports present multiple views of data, segmented by geography and customer type (e.g. broadcasters, playout centers, recording studios, systems integrators, etc). This enables granular data analysis of trends; customer budgets; projects; purchase intent; and brand perception. Custom segmentation of the data is also available from Devoncroft Partners.


Industry Benchmarking and Ranking of Vendor Brands

Both the BBS Brand and Product Reports provide valuable insight into the market’s perception of broadcast technology vendors. Using numerous metrics, brands are benchmarked and ranked for the overall industry and/or against specific competitors.


Media Technology Industry Tracking Studies and Indices

Unique, Actionable, and Insightful M&E Market Data

Wouldn’t it be great if there was data available about the media and broadcast industry that indicated where we are in the adoption of key technologies, whether trade-show talking points will turn into actual deployments, and where money is being spent by actual customers?

There is, and it’s only available from Devoncroft Partners.

Devoncroft believes the media technology sector needs (and deserves) better data, better analysis, and more actionable insight from real industry thought leaders and experts, so we continually take the pulse of the industry, crunch the numbers, and then publish relevant and actionable metrics.

Examples include:

  • The Devoncroft “Broadcast and Media & Entertainment IP Adoption Index”
  • The Devoncroft “Broadcast and Media & Entertainment Cloud Adoption Index
  • The Devoncroft “Broadcast and Media & Entertainment AI/ML Adoption Index”
  • The Devoncroft “Broadcast and Media & Entertainment Global Trend Index”
  • The Devoncroft “Broadcast and Media & Entertainment Global Project Index”

These unique indices (which are available for free or for a nominal charge) provide valuable and actionable insight that media technology strategists can use as part of their business planning.


Global Market Valuation Report (GMVR)*

Comprehensive Broadcast and Media Technology Market Sizing and Forecasting

Published by IABM DC LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between Devoncroft Partners and industry trade association IABM, the Global Market Valuation Report (GMVR) is widely recognized as the most authoritative market-sizing and forecasting report in the broadcast and digital media industry.

It is the only report where broadcast industry vendors come together in a collaborative partnership, under a mutually-agreed framework of strict confidentiality, to share their revenue data, future forecasts, and detailed information on what drives their businesses.  GMVR Partner data is augmented by interviews with hundreds of industry insiders (including vendors, service providers, and broadcasters), publicly available information, and exhaustive research into each industry segment, sub-segment, and product category.

The data model underlying the GMVR encompasses approximately 3,000 companies ranging from large service providers and technology vendors to small start-up businesses just breaking into the industry.

The report offers detailed market sizing information on products and services sold into professional media contexts. Sizing of current year and previous year markets is provided on a 3-region basis (NALA / EMEA / APAC) for more than 150 product categories and 10 service categories. High-level forecasting is provided for 8 product segments (together containing the 150 product categories) and 1 services segment. The GMVR also includes a detailed strategic industry overview, which provides insight into market dynamics, industry trends, as well as a summary of all segments covered in the report.


GMVR Essentials*

Broadcast and Media Technology Market Sizing and Forecasting

These are product/service category-specific reports and data tables generated from the most comprehensive database of its type in the broadcast and media technology industry, the GMVR.

GMVR Essentials offers clients the ‘best of both worlds,’ by delivering market sizing data for a narrowly defined set of product/service categories, while at the same time providing a comprehensive overview of the entire media technology sector.


​More than 20 separate GMVR Essentials Reports are available, including:

  • Cameras & Camcorders
  • Camera Accessories
  • Studio & Location Systems
  • Editing & Processing
  • Routing & Networking
  • Interfacing & Conversion
  • Contribution
  • Audio Acquisition
  • Audio Monitoring
  • Tapeless Storage
  • Archive & Storage
  • Playout
  • Distribution
  • Delivery
  • Business Management Systems
  • News & Production Automation
  • Content Management
  • Test & Monitoring Tools
  • Systems Integration & Consultancy
  • Managed Services
  • Transmission Infrastructure

* GMVR and GMVR Essentials reports are published via IABM DC LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between Devoncroft Partners and IABM