Pandemic Benchmark League Table from the 2020 Big Broadcast Survey

Josh Stinehour | November 4, 2020

This is the fourth in a series of posts reviewing excerpts of the 2020 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS) and the third post about how the brands of technology suppliers were ranked by respondents to the 2020 BBS.

The previous articles about the 2020 BBS reviewed the most important technology trends and the 2020 BBS League Table for ‘Easy to Work With’ and the 2020 BBS League Table for ‘Vision of the Future.’


This post reviews the observed performance of technology suppliers during the market disruption introduced by the global pandemic.  As with all supplier metrics from the BBS, the results are the measured opinions of technology end-users, not the opinions of Devoncroft or other suppliers.

Beginning at the start of April, we gave BBS respondents the opportunity to cite any suppliers having performed especially well during the COVID pandemic.  We also allowed respondents to cite any suppliers having performed especially poorly during the pandemic.


The 30 highest ranked suppliers in terms of ‘performed well’ citations versus ‘performed poorly’ are shown below as an overall industry league table.

A further explanation of how these results were calculated can be found at the end of this article. Please note that both audio and video brands are included in these rankings, and that the table below shown brands in alphabetical order, NOT in the order in which they were ranked in the study.



For obvious reasons, we hope this league table is unique to the 2020 Big Broadcast Survey.


How These Results Were Calculated

2020 BBS participants were presented with a list of all technology suppliers profiled in the Big Broadcast Survey (more than 100 brands).  Respondents had an opportunity to cite any supplier in the list as having performed especially well or poorly during the COVID pandemic.  Inherent in this approach, a survey respondent could also choose to refrain from citing any supplier.

This data was then aggregated.  Each brand score was calculated as the percentage of ‘performed well’ less the percentage of ‘performed poorly.’  These scores were then ranked highest to lowest.  Only brands having received at least 30 total citations were included in the rankings.


Please keep in mind when reviewing this information that the table is presented in alphabetical order, not in the order brands were ranked by respondents to the BBS.  Also, the charts in this posting measure the responses of all 2020 BBS respondents, regardless of their company type, company size, geographic location, job title and budget for broadcast technology products.

To receive full value from this data, it is necessary to evaluate these results on a granular basis.  If you would like more information, please contact Devoncroft Partners.

Please also note that inclusion of any brand in the above table is dependent on inclusion in the 2020 BBS and available sample size.  The minimum sample size for inclusion in this chart is 30. Therefore, it is possible that a highly regarded brand was excluded from these findings based on sample size.


The information in this article is based on select findings from the 2020 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), a global study of broadcast industry trends, technology purchasing plans, and benchmarking of broadcast technology vendor brands. Several thousand broadcast professionals in 100+ countries took part in the 2020 BBS, making it the largest and most comprehensive market study ever conducted in the broadcast industry.



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