Updated Devoncroft M&E IP Adoption Index Shows Acceleration of Transition to IP-Based Infrastructure

Josh Stinehour | September 5, 2018

We have updated Devoncroft’s M&E IP Adoption Index to incorporate technology end-user data gathered during 2018.  Building on the first installment published in December 2017, this updated version tracks the adoption progress of IP-based infrastructure by media customers during 2018.  You may download a complimentary copy by clicking the below link.

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of the Index and the data behind the Index, we are planning to reference excerpts of the underlying data at the upcoming Devoncroft Executive Summit in Amsterdam on Thursday, September 13, 2018.  In addition, we have assembled a panel of early adopters (CBC, Fox, TV Globo, PBS, and NRK) to discuss many of the business aspects associated with deploying IP-based technology infrastructures for media operations.  More information on the panel and the event is available here.

The Index is intended as a public reference on the media industry’s historical, current, and forecasted adoption of IP-based technology infrastructure for media operations.

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The Index combines a decade of Devoncroft research on technology adoption in the media sector with Big Broadcast Survey data to arrive a simple, single value representing both current and anticipated adoption of IP-based technology infrastructure.

We will continue to publish updates to this index at regular intervals based on the ongoing research activities of Devoncroft.

How to Interpret the Index

We have chosen an index to keep the presentation simple and well-understood.  Please note the calculated index values do not have standalone meaning.  Rather, given the construction of the index, the percentage change in the Index is a proxy for the percentage change and anticipated percentage change in the adoption profile of IP-based technology infrastructure.

Feedback, Comments 

This Index was only possible after consultation with many industry stakeholders on how best to combine and visualize the underlying data.  Thank you to all our supporters who made this index possible.

We plan to continue to improve this regular Index based on feedback from the global media technology community.

If you would like to share any comments or suggestions for the index or if you would like to become a direct supporter of the index, please contact us.

Upcoming Index Expansion

A more detailed version of the index will published later this year providing greater detail on the individual research components constituting the IP Adoption Index.



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