Podcast: EVS CEO Serge Van Herck Discusses Axon Deal and Corporate Strategy in 2020

Josh Stinehour | May 12, 2020

For the latest Devoncroft podcast, we speak with EVS CEO Serge Van Herck. We discuss several topics, including:

  • EVS’s new corporate strategy (“PlayForward”)
  • The commercial rationale for the Axon acquisition (largest in EVS history)
  • Is the Axon acquisition a one-off event or the start of a new strategy that includes a focus on M&A
  • Whether remote production (REMI) is a net positive or negative for EVS, along with the commercial viability of Tier-2 and Tier-3 live events
  • How the global health pandemic and the cancellation of substantially all live events has impacted EVS in terms of both revenue and share price
  • What the Company is planning for in terms of lost revenue in 2020, an even-numbered year which traditionally has been very strong for EVS
  • Whether the company will reinstate the semi-annual dividend it pays to shareholders (having cancelled the May 2020 payout)

This podcast builds on the Devoncroft analysis reviewing EVS’s acquisition of Axon.   Although this recording is around 45 minutes in duration, we think it’s a worthwhile listen.  Van Herck is candid across all subjects and some answers may surprise you.

You can listen to the podcast using the below widget.

If the player widget does not work, you might have better luck using this link.


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