Podcast: Business Impact to Media Technology Sector of COVID-19

Josh Stinehour | March 30, 2020

We have posted a podcast reviewing our preliminary thoughts on the potential business impact of COVID-19 to the global media technology sector.  We have been receiving a lot of inbound inquiry about the business and economic considerations in the current environment and wanted to address them in an initial podcast between Devoncroft analysts Joe Zaller and Josh Stinehour.

We plan to post several follow up podcasts to explore individual topics in greater depth.  In times like this, we hope candid discussions about business topics in the media technology sector are not just a helpful escape, but also a valuable input to necessary upcoming decisions by industry decision-makers.

You can listen to the podcast using the below (apologies for the poor audio quality / editing; we will work to improve the quality of future podcasts… we’re not too proud to accept help from industry experts to make this work more smoothly in the future).

If this player widget does not work, you might have better luck using this link.


During the podcast, we discuss the following:

  • (0:50) Biggest takeaways from current environment and recent research activities
  • (3:00) Business impact to technology end-users (Broadcasters, Sporting Events, Ad-Supported Media, Film Studios, Service Providers)
  • (21:20) Business impact to media technology suppliers
  • (30:30) Business impact to trade events / technology sales process
  • (35:10) Questions

We are inviting a variety of executives and subject matter experts to participate in future podcasts.  These discussions are not intended as a review of product launches or general discussions about the current political or health care circumstances, but rather a candid discussion of the business ramifications to the media technology sector.  If, and only if, you are interested in participating in that manner of discussion, please reach out to us at info@devoncroft.com .  At the same time, feel free to submit questions to us by email as we will try to respond to these in upcoming podcasts.



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