Evertz Acquires Quintech, Manufacturer of RF Signal Management Equipment

Josh Stinehour | November 5, 2018

In a regulatory filing today, Evertz announced the acquisition of Quintech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF signal management communications equipment.  Quintech is based in Indiana, Pennsylvania (on the outskirts of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area) and has been active in the RF segment since its founding in 1989.

The disclosure by both parties was minimal.  I’ve included the entire 86 words of the announcement below as a reference.

Evertz Technologies Limited (TSX:ET), a global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions, announced today the acquisition of Quintech Electronics & Communication Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Indiana, PA, USA with world class RF solutions and products deployed in over 120 countries.

The addition of Quintech RF signal management products and talented staff, coupled with Evertz market presence and innovative solutions will facilitate the delivery of the industry’s most compelling suite of RF signal management and fiber solutions to a broader range of customers.

The Evertz press release references ‘a broader range of customers.’  Quintech lists a large number of high-profile customers on its websites across satellite (DirecTV, Dish, Echostar), government (US Department of Defense, NSA, State Department), and broadcast (ABC, CBS, NBC) end-users.

Quintech expanded its geographic profile with the September 2013 acquisition of Friedburg Germany-based DEV Systemtechnik.  DEV’s regulatory filings suggested an annual revenue level less than $5 million for the 2013 financial year.

Smaller technology acquisitions, coupled with little disclosure or fanfare, is a much more Evertz-like approach to M&A than the recent investment in EVS.


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