Devoncroft Executive Summit:
The Business of Media Technology

Thursday | September 12, 2019

12PM – 6PM | The Koepelkerk

Renaissance Hotel | Amsterdam

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Create with confidence, deliver seamless viewing experiences, and gain deeper audience insights with the speed, flexibility, and security of Google Cloud.

Reach your global audience
Getting your content to every corner of the globe — and available to all users on demand — requires massive infrastructure and a global network. GCP runs on the same secured infrastructure that powers Google, giving you the scale you need. With GCP, you can render huge workloads at peak times, launch new applications, and live stream video to mass audiences. And our turnkey Anvato solution for video broadcasting and OTT delivery helps ensure your content reaches the widest audience possible.

Our solutions are adaptable for multi-cloud or hybrid environments and we have services to help you migrate quickly and securely.

Create stronger customer connections from better analytics:
Wrangle, analyze, and turn all your data into insights to more meaningfully engage customers. Whether you’re looking to deliver personalized content, better manage customer engagement, or predict churn, our big data solutions can help. BigQuery, our fully managed serverless data warehouse, autoscales for performance and runs blazing-fast queries on petabytes of data, getting you insights faster.

All of our big data solutions have been tested and refined based on years of Google innovation. So they’re integrated and optimized to help you deliver that perfect experience.

Add intelligence to your content with ML:
Imagine creating a searchable digitized database of all of your content. Or generating closed captions in over 80 languages. Or optimizing your audience segmentation. It’s now possible with machine learning.

With Google Cloud, you don’t need a huge team of PhDs to see results from ML. With our latest release, Cloud AutoML, we’re democratizing machine learning models for the masses. You can get started with AutoML or our proven, easy-to-use pre-trained models like Cloud Video Intelligence and Cloud Natural Language. Or you can train custom models with Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow, one of the most popular machine learning libraries among researchers across the globe.

We have a wide range of ML programs designed to meet you where you are. If you have high-impact machine learning projects, you can partner directly with Google Cloud ML experts at the Advanced Solutions Lab.


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CISCO SYSTEMS INC. IS THE WORLDWIDE LEADER in networking for the Internet. The company was founded in 1984 by two computer scientists from Stanford University seeking an easier way to connect different types of computer systems.

Cisco Systems shipped its first product in 1986 and is now a multi-national corporation, with over 35,000 employees in more than 115 countries. Today, Cisco solutions are the networking foundations for service providers, small to medium business and enterprise customers which includes corporations, government agencies, utilities and educational institutions.

Cisco’s networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system.

If anyone can lay claim to a ‘heritage’ in an industry as young as global networking, then it is Cisco. Not only does 85 percent of Internet traffic travel across Cisco’s systems, we also use the Internet to run our own business online, from product orders and inventory management through to staff communications and travel expenses.

So as you explore the possibilities for your business, start at the beginning. Cisco Systems built the Internet so we know exactly what it takes to get your business online. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge to get the Internet working effectively for your business.


With our pioneering heritage and strong foundations – all fueled by deep innovation, MediaKind has a single goal in mind: to enable our customers to create and deliver immersive media experiences.

We are uniquely positioned to help shape and lead the future of global media technology. Our award-winning technologies, established industry heritage and forward-thinking experts equip organizations with the end-to-end technology solutions needed to embrace media of all kinds.

We are opening the eyes of humankind, enabling people to be involved in inspiring stories, iconic moments and world-changing events – on any screen. We are media technology innovators – imagining the unimaginable and driving the human entertainment experience forward for everyone, everywhere.

Networking By:


As the architect of virtualized media production, Nevion provides media network and broadcast infrastructure solutions to broadcasters, telecommunication service providers, government agencies and other industries. Increasingly based on IP, virtualization and Cloud technology, Nevion’s solutions enable the management, transport, processing and monitoring of professional-quality video, audio and data – in real time, reliably and securely.

From content production to distribution, Nevion solutions are used to power major sporting and live events across the globe. Some of the world’s largest media groups and telecom service providers use Nevion technology, including Arqiva, AT&T, BBC, BT, CCTV, EBU, France Télévision, Globo Grupo, NASA, NBC Universal, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. and Telefonica.

At IBC 2019, Nevion (1.B79) is using real-life case studies to illustrate how its IP products, solutions and services can be deployed revolutionize workflows in the facilities, in contribution, in remote production and in digital terrestrial television.

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Lawo designs and manufactures pioneering network, control, audio and video technology for broadcast and post production, as well as live performance and theatrical applications. Products include control and monitoring systems, digital audio mixing consoles, routers, video processing tools as well as solutions for IP-based A/V infrastructures and routing systems.

All products are developed in Germany and manufactured according to highest quality standards at the company’s headquarters in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany.


John Ross founded Ross Video in 1974 in his basement in Montreal, Canada.

John sold the World War II trainer airplane he had painstakingly rebuilt over a two-year period for $3,500 and used the money as seed capital to start the company.

To this day, this is the only investment that has been made in Ross Video, which has been self-funded since then, growing organically through reinvestment of profits from operations. Acquisitions have also been funded without external venture capital.

David Ross, John’s son and Ross Video’s Chief Executive Officer, now owns 90 percent of Ross Video. Company employees own the remaining 10 percent.

Ross Video powers video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s widest range of smart production solutions. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate applications and inspiring content for houses of worship.

Ross solutions have impressed the audiences and marketing partners of NBC Sunday Night Football, Eurosport, BBC World, Google YouTube Space London and China’s eSports powerhouse VSPN. Ross delivers an unrivalled range of products and services comprising virtual studios, real-time motion graphics, cameras, robotic camera systems, production switchers, video servers, infrastructure and routers, social media management, newsroom systems and mobile live events.

As a privately held and self-funded company, Ross Video has a long and stable history with 26 years of consecutive growth. As well as not being under the control of external financiers, Ross Video also controls its own destiny by owning its own manufacturing facilities, doing all primary research and development in house, and marketing its products world-wide through a global sales force and network of business partners.


In the action packed world of live video production and distribution, The Switch is always on and always there – setting the industry benchmark for quality, reliability and unmatched levels of service. With our complete production to transmission solutions we help our customers cost-effectively create and deliver compelling live TV coverage, anywhere in the world.

Our comprehensive production services include the provision of on-site production personnel, mobile facilities and trucks, video packaging and delivery, OTT/internet video distribution and state-of-the-art At Home production and studio facilities. The Switch global transmission network connects production facilities with over 800 of the world’s largest content producers, distributors, sports and event venues; seamlessly linking rights holders, broadcasters, streaming platforms, media outlets and web services. Our unmatched services are trusted every day by corporate enterprises and leading sports, news and entertainment organizations who rely on The Switch to turn-on their live content.


For over 20 years, Telestream® has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry, pioneering file-based video transcoding and high-quality media exchange over IP networks.

A privately held company, Telestream has been profitable since 2001 and has experienced sustained revenue growth every year since. This has allowed the company to foster a strong culture of innovation supported by substantial R&D investments, and fund a number of strategic acquisitions including Ineoquest and Tektronix Video. 

Today, the company develops products that make it possible to reliably get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including: capture & ingest; QC; live and on-demand encoding and transcoding; captioning; playback and inspection; delivery; live streaming; workflow automation; waveform monitoring; and video monitoring and analytics for OTT and linear distribution. Many solutions can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or both.


We’re You.i TV and we provide a better way for media companies to engage their viewers. Our You.i Engine One SDK enables development teams to build video apps across mobile, tablet, game consoles, streaming devices, set-top boxes, and Smart TVs – from a unified codebase. Organizations such as A+E, AT&T, Fox, Twitch, and WarnerMedia are spearheading direct-to-consumer and OTT strategies using You.i Engine-powered TV applications. Learn more at

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AWS Media Services make it fast and easy to transport, prepare, process, and deliver broadcast and over-the-top video. These pay-as-you-go services and appliance products offer the video infrastructure you need to deliver great viewing experiences on multiple screens.

With AWS Media Services, you can innovate, test, and deploy video services without spending a lot of time or money to procure and integrate technology.

Services scale as needed, maintaining consistent, high-quality content delivery as you add outputs or grow your audience.

Reliability is built-in, with automated monitoring and repair available across geographies, so you can trust your infrastructure for even the highest-profile content.

Interoperability with other AWS services and third-party applications provides a complete set of tools for live and on-demand video workflows. 


The media industry is rapidly undergoing transformations that puts technology at the heart of an organization’s products, services and operations – to help accelerate the business and competitively differentiate itself – in order to improve the experience for your customers.

We created the Dell Technologies solutions for Media & Entertainment to allow companies to seamlessly create and deliver impactful content with the industry’s leading solutions while dramatically simplifying the hardware, software and hybrid cloud IT foundation.

With the experience of working with more than 2,000 media customers and team of experts in technology for media companies, Dell enables you to seamlessly create and deliver impactful media content while optimizing existing business operations.

Come see how Dell’s portfolio of simplified solutions, integrated with the leading media software solutions allow you to transform your workflows and focus on what you do best: creating and delivering great media content.

Learn more at about Dell at IBC:


Since the introduction of our shared storage systems over 15 years ago, the EditShare name has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in post-production. As a company, our primary goal has always been to improve workflow and provide intuitive and powerful tools that ease the burden of managing a production facility, allowing customers to focus on what’s most important – being creative.

The company was founded in 2003 by CSO Andy Liebman, an acclaimed film and documentary producer, EditShare was created to offer a flexible, more-affordable solution to media sharing, using standard Gigabit Ethernet for connecting clients. EditShare was able to offer an alternative to the expensive SAN and Fibre Channel solutions by providing the industry’s first high-performance Network Attached Storage for editing.

EditShare’s groundbreaking products are designed to improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way, including Geevs video capture and playout servers, EFS scale-out shared storage platforms, EFS Nearline and DR solutions, Flow media asset management and Ark, our backup software solution.

In 2018 EditShare acquired Quales, a company specialising in Automatic Quality Check (AQC). For editing, we have the 2017 Emmy award-winning Lightworks – the pioneer of so many features and a name, synonymous in the digital non-linear world, with many of the most much loved films cut on Lightworks. Lightworks has in excess of 5 Million registrations and became the world’s first three-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application (NLE).

Eluvio_2019_Logo is creating new software technologies to address major challenges in scalability, protection, and monetization of digital content over the Internet.

The Eluvio content fabric is an open high-performance software platform service for management and distribution of large form content (video) in ways never before possible.

Content owners can distribute premium content globally including live, on-demand, and hybrid video experiences, direct to consumers and to business partners without CDNs, aggregators, or transcoding services, with an “instant on” low latency and high-quality experience. Monetization, versioning, personalization, and rights control are intrinsic.  The content fabric launched for production use in summer 2019 and is being introduced at IBC.

GrayMeta-horz_Color (002)

GrayMeta is an AI powered metadata company that delivers enterprise efficiency and monetizes assets. GrayMeta provides the ability to create, extract and store intelligent metadata, turning unstructured data into valuable assets, and delivers media workflow efficiencies through the supply chain with workflow, collaboration, and quality control tools. 

For more information about GrayMeta, visit


SDVI Corporation was founded on the premise that there is a better way to run and optimize media facilities. Modern technical approaches can help, but the challenge is not just technical, but fundamentally commercial. SDVI brings supply chain thinking and modern technical approaches to the space, backed by decades of experience in the media and entertainment technology sectors. 

SDVI Rally Media Supply Chain Platform deploys all the applications and infrastructure to transform your media operations into a dynamic, responsive media supply chain. || GROWTH || Gain access to new business opportunities and faster time to revenue by implementing a true on-demand, vendor-agnostic supply chain platform. Clear, reliable cost analysis and prediction provide actionable intelligence. || AGILITY || Adapt to evolving operational requirements as market demands shift. Gain the freedom to choose the best tools at any time. Maintain full visibility, security, and financial control. || EFFICIENCY || Increase output by assigning people where they truly add value, automating repetitive tasks. Create custom user experiences that target specific operational tasks, improving productivity for teams across the entire media supply chain.

Visit for more information.


Signiant’s enterprise software provides the world’s top content creators and distributors with fast, reliable, secure access to large media files, regardless of physical storage type or location.

By enabling authorized people and processes to seamlessly exchange valuable content – within and between enterprises – Signiant connects the global media supply chain. 



AIMS is an industry consortium led by broadcast and ProAV engineers, technologists, visionaries, vendors and business executives dedicated to an open-standards approach that moves broadcast and media companies quickly and profitably from legacy systems to a virtualized, IP-based environment. AIMS’ efforts build upon those of leading standards bodies such as the Video Services Forum (VSF), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the European Broadcast Union (EBU), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the Audio Engineering Society (AES). We don’t compete with these bodies—we seek to foster the good work they have done.

This clear technology roadmap helps broadcasters rapidly deploy flexible IP-based production, storage and distribution capabilities, provided by the industry’s leading infrastructure and software vendors. AIMS is an inclusive, transparent and not-for-profit organization which enables close cooperation between members and leading standards bodies ensuring that broadcasters’ and AV professionals’ business and technical needs are met. Together, we drive a comprehensive, ubiquitous set of IP standards that eliminate fragmentation and maximize interoperability, as well as provide reassurance that today’s decisions do not lead to technological dead ends or proprietary lock-in tomorrow.


The DPP is the media industry’s business network. We’re a membership organisation that uniquely brings together over 400 companies spanning the whole content supply chain. From production and post production to broadcasters and online platforms, as well as service providers and technology companies, from global giants to exciting new startups.

The DPP brings together content companies and technology companies to solve problems and create opportunities.


Large parts of the Norwegian Media Cluster are located in Media City Bergen, a leading, international hub for media and technology innovation, with the Media Lab and a startup lab forming the core of the innovation and research projects for the cluster and cluster partners.

The cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with Vizrt, Myreze, Vimond, Mediability, Sixty, Highsoft, TV 2, NRK, Bergens Tidende, BA and The University of Bergen (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies) as key players.

NCE Media – the Media Innovation Engine
The Norwegian Media Cluster has been awarded a Centre of Expertise status from Innovation Norway, and has its own cluster organization, NCE Media (Norwegian Center of Expertise in Media).

NCE Media is the innovation engine for the cluster members and has six full time employees that actively work to enhance activity in the cluster and facilitate innovation processes among members, as well as programs for ­partners and sponsors. NCE Media is located in the Media Lab in Media City Bergen™ (top floor, south tower), and runs the Media Lab as well as other innovation projects and activities in the Media Cluster.